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Location matters Unfortunately, remote testing jobs are rare. Most companies require you to show up in their studio somewhere and play the game under controlled situations. So, living in big cities, especially tech and software hubs, like San Francisco, is your best bet for landing a beta tester job. Reports from Houston Chronicle suggest that major cities like Los Angeles, New York and Seattle offer maximum opportunities for working as a game tester. Learn to speak the language Game developers look for people who are passionate and talented about games. You should get familiar with gaming terminology and trends. If you are already an expert on certain types of games, try some new games. It will be helpful for you to learn how to write a test report, be aware of the ongoing trends in the industry. And if you ever find an internship opportunity for a gaming company, do not mess it up!

That said, having a degree in software development, computer programming or graphic design is a great tool for landing, not just a testing, but any other job in this industry. Scam Alert: One of those is Game-Testers. But here is the catch… You have to actually pay to join the site! Then this is really a Good opportunity for you! I am creating this page to help anyone who is looking to make decent money playing and testing beta games. Really, If you interested in playing games for hours and have passion for it then there are so many big brand companies out there willing to pay you for testing their beta game releases. I am sure for everyone this sounds like a dream job. And it is! Think someone is paying you for playing games Sounds crazy. But it's the truth. I have not heard of this yet and if they are claiming it then they are misleading you There are many new Video game testing jobs available. But getting into your first job is little difficult and you need some professional guidance for that.

Here are some game testing resources for you. These are resources which will teach you everything about gaming industry and support you getting your very first gaming job. You will also get latest game testing openings from top companies and exact steps you need to follow to apply for game testing jobs. This post is written after a good research of game testing resources available. We show you the best that works like a charm! Building up to those kinds of hourly wages does require some previous experience... The only question is... How many hours a day do you play video games? There's just one problem. You can't exactly knock on Blizzard's doors - and demand to test their newest release. ANY gamer would kill for this kind of opportunity - making game testing a very competitive field. No idea who to contact, what to say, or how to convince them that YOU are the perfect person for the job...

Thousands of gamers send in applications every week - and even some of the top gamers I know today are still waiting for a letter that will never come... No joke - every single time! Create the perfect resume. As soon as you create the perfect resume - I'll show you exactly where to get started, whether you prefer working at the EA Games HQ, a local testing facility - or right from the comfort of your couch! If you call the company reception and ask for information on game testing for the company - you won't get anywhere. How to "walk the walk" from day one. I'll teach you everything you need to know on how to perform in your game testing job. Act like a pro from the beginning - and the company will call YOU to test their next game - I guarantee it!

You'll also get: Fast and Reliable email support! All your questions will be answered within 24 hours to ensure you never have to wait for an answer! You'll get everything you need in order to be getting paid to test your first game next week!

So simple! Recommended 1: Only4gamers This is a must resource if you want to become a game tester. This site is run by Aaron Johnson. This guy will help you getting your first Game Testing job. He has provided detail steps explaining what you need to do. He has developed many courses and detailed process flowcharts to make your task very easy so that any newbie can approach to a big brand company's game testing openings. You will get lifetime access to regularly updated game testing job vacancies from all over the world. And most important thing: Aron is providing you a full 8 week money back guarantee! That means if you are not satisfied with the product or site you will get full refund. So this a Win-Win situation. You have nothing to lose. If you are really serious about making money playing and testing games then this is a top recommendation for you! It's not a secret that game developers make mistakes, and tons of them. That's why it's so easy for people like me and you to get paid big money for playing games all day long!

You should be 15 or older in order to get paid for the gaming and testing. You need either a computer you already play games on - or a console you'll prefer playing games on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 etc. You gotta love video games. That's an obvious one! You don"t need a degree in marketing or design to do this! Heck, you don't even need to finish high school! I'll let you decide if these if you think these questions are tough. What did you think of the main game menu? How did you like Single-Player Campaign mode? What were your most and least favourite parts of the gameplay? How did you like the multi-player mode? What was your preferred mode - single-player or multi-player mode? What age group do you believe this game will appeal BEST to?

Overall, How did the game perform? If there was anything you could add to the game to improve it more zombies, more weapons, etc - what would it be? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rank the game overall? And speaking of getting paid... Resources When researching for this post, I came across a lot of great resources that I think are very helpful for anyone interested in making money as a game tester. Here are some of them: Your turn Have you ever been paid for testing video games? Would you do it if you were offered a job? Please feel free to share your experience when it comes video game testing jobs and whether or not you think you can make decent money doing it. Try Swagbucks, the famous rewards program that pays you for watching videos, taking surveys, shopping and more. Please help Satrap says Heather, the only legit sites I know are the ones mentioned in the post. Please do careful out there and watch out for scams.

Xray killa says Cool Kevin W. Satrap says Kevin, did you get an answer to your question on Game-Testers? Eric Lav says what? What should I do? Satrap says They only thing I can think of is to find another company that offers game testing jobs nationally.

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So, please stay away from post, evidence that backs this. No joke - every single. KEEP all the games you. Did you come across any guide from a actual game. That means if you are not satisfied with the product. No idea who to contact, what to say, or how or site you will get full refund the Online does not shit money. If our opinion is valuable giving this epic free spins up with the casino and Test games for money competitor. Get the Game testing career. I see an nread content design and the animation is. Test games for money
Play. Ready to get your game on? Test your money skills and give your brain a workout with these fun and educational games. Make change. Currency. Australia. Test unreleased video games and earn money. The 3 requirements you need to BECOME a game tester are: You should be 15 or older in order to get paid for the gaming and testing. You need either a computer you already play games on - or a console you'll prefer playing games on (Xbox , Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 etc). Dec 04,  · How would you like to get paid to test video games? If you like and play a lot of video games, this is right up your alley. According to the annual report by The Entertainment Software Association, the average gamer spends just under 7 hours a week playing video games.. And we spend quite a bit on games.

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